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Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 4, 2016

Engage Builder Scam - Does It Actually Work ?


Engage Builder is a software that engages people through video. It has been created for the use of bloggers, Internet marketers, etc.

It is a revolutionary Video Engagement tool that has been designed to increase engagements, conversions and opt-ins to help Internet marketers take their conversion rates and opt-ins to a more advanced level.

Internet marketers all over the world are looking for better conversions and opt-ins to help them expand and build their businesses.

The ultimate goal for all Internet Marketers is to bring visitors to their websites, engage them, receive conversions (sales) and opt-ins (emails).


On Page Content Display: Display content on the page at the time the user specifies during the video. The page will be built on timing set up by the user at beginning, end, middle, etc.of video.

Drag & Drop Builder : Powerful drag and drop engagement builder. This engagement builder is built for newbies as well as more advanced marketers. They add this software to their marketing tools.

Powerful Styling : The thought and ingenuity that has been put into the Engage Builder makes it easy to use, choose your colors and your sliders. You can change the styling of each element of the software independent of other elements or you can choose to create the styles to be all the same type.

Intro and Outro Videos: Add an introduction to your video or add an “Outro” to any video. You can also add and change content to any intro or outro video.

Content Locking: You can “lock” the display of content to make the user engage with your videos. You can “unlock” the content display at any point or time in the video.

Intelligent Reveal: If a user revisits your page, the content already displayed will be seen.

Intelligent Playback: The software will remember where the user left off in the video and the user will have the option to resume where they left off or start over with the video again.

Intelligent Pause: The video will pause when the viewer opens a new tab or scrolls through the video off-screen.

Video Overlay: You will be able to place images, text, buttons and opt in forms over your videos using the bottom fourth.

Powerful Video Settings: With the settings you will be able to loop the video, hide the controls and use auto play.

Content Animation: You will be able to choose over a dozen different content animations to be used for every “Engagement Point.”


As you probably know, on an average 95% visitors just leave a webpage without doing anything! Why? Because marketers, website owners and most of the businesses are still using the age old tactics to convert the visitors into buyers!

By using Engage Builder Software you can attract more engaging visitors by not only getting them to your website or blog, but keeping them there longer than the average 9 seconds, and turning them into buyers and followers, getting sales and conversions.

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